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Friday, May 20, 2011

I Heart Faces, Fix it Friday

I alway's begin by opening the pic in Adobe Bridge Camera Raw and pumping up the exposure, blacks and recovery (I just play around until I think it looks good).  Then I slide the lens vignetting down to pop the colors on the edges. Save and open in photoshot CS3.

I ran a defog action (I made myself by using the unsharp mask), I ran the "bring on the eyes" action from Pioneer Woman's Action Set 2,  3 times!!
1.I ran the paint brush all over the eye and turned the opacity to 50% (this is very important!!!  DO NOT LET YOUR SUBJECT LOOK LIKE AN ALIEN BY MAKING THEIR EYES LOOK UN-NATURALLY WHITE!!)
2. Painted on the iris,
3. Painted on the iris.
I did this because her eyes were so dark, I wanted the beautiful brown color to come out.

Then I ran MCP Mini Fusion and decreased the opacity on several layers to get the effect I wanted.

Next I ran TRA's Prettyizer and turned the opacity to 25%

Pretty Huh!?

1 comment:

Tammy said...

looks great. I always struggle with the dark brown eyes. :/

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