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Monday, June 27, 2011

Make Over Monday.

Going out of town really made it hard to blog last week, so I am just getting to post these adorable edits you did on the most adorable baby boy in the world, mine! ;)

Here are the edits you submitted, I love to see what you will come up with week after week!  I have learned a lot and have wanted to buy a lot of actions too!

Here we go!

What I did:
Levels Adjustment
Curves to lighten
dodge and burn eyes
high pass filter faded to 50%
ran Imagenomic Noiseware (default) faded to 60%
ran Imagenomic Portraiture faded to 20%
to add warmth I added a tan colored overlay layer and faded back to 25%
another high pass filter faded to 40%
Cloned out the diaper
cloned out the right side of image where the background was a bit different in color
then cropped to a 5x7
No Explanation included, but very cute!
I edit exclusively in Lightroom 3. My edits are as follows:
 Spot removal on the forehead
Preset: Sunkissed from Pretty Presets
Brightness and Temp adjustments
Preset: Cleopatra from One Willow Presets
Preset: Shadow Adjustment from One Willow
Preset: Clarify from One Willow
Preset: Define I from One Willow
My own baby glow and web resize presets
 Didn't see where the photo needed a makeover much this week :) Just simply lightened it up, skin soften, and eye pop :)
 Kathryn Kaye Photography

MCP's Fusion-  One Click Color.  Set brighten to 50%
Dodged catchlights- 20%
sharpened eyes- 50%
 MCP's Magic Powder- 25% and erased over background
MCP's Fusion-   Creamsicle- 50%
MCP's  Fusion-   Urban Revival-  25%
Used the patch tool to get rid of the dark batches under the eyes & and clean up mouth area
Used the dodge tool to brighten the eyes
Made a secondary copy of the photo layer and used a surface blur to soften the skin, and reduced opacity
Erased the eyes,  mouth and nose area on the blurred layer
Added a light pastel wash to the photo
Added a light vignette
Flattened image and sharpened
 1.) Imagenomic Noiseware Professional
2.) Pioneer Woman Slight Sharpen
3.) cloned out drool
4.) The Essentials - Shadow Killer
5.) Crop
 No explanation, but cute!

1) Color balance to heighten the blues
2) A layer to dodge the eyes and remove the spit marks
3) High pass filter to make the blue pop
4) Crop to 8x10 to remove dead space
5) Vignette to bring focus to baby

1 comment:

Andrea said...

It's always so interesting to see what everyone comes up with!!! Your little man is such a cutie!! Thanks for letting us do this!

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