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Monday, June 6, 2011

Makeover Monday!!

I had a lot of fun looking at your edits on this picture of my nephew!  Isn't he just so handsome!!?  :)
Here is the "SOOC" (strait out of camera) image:

Here is what I came up with...

I started by running my own De-Fog action (using the unsharp mask at 20%, Radius 60, Threshold at 0).  Then I fixed the levels and ran the "Rusty Cage" action from Totally Rad Actions at 20% which gives it the soft and rusty look.  I then used "Antique" from TRA at about 25%.  I Burned the edges and painted over his face with the Yang from TRA also.  Little Gems Photography

And here are your edits!!

Started with a few Paint The Moon Effects....
 -Bee's Knees Collection
    Sunny Days 90%
 -Miracle Makeover Collection
    Sparkle Eyes:
      Whiten Overall 50%
      Sharpen 59%
      Make Eye Color Brighter 50%
    Healthy Smile:
      Clean Up 24%
      Bleach 70%

Finished up with Portraiture Software 
 - used Default setting (smooths, evens skin tone, and gives dreamy affect)

Here's what I did. BTW I use Paintshop Pro X3 for editing even though I own photoshop just because I feel it is easier to use. Just wanted to let you know in case the words look different from Photoshop talk. It opperates the same but has different names for copyright stuff. You probably already know all this.. loll so here's the edits.
 Vibrancy 35 Hue/Sat/Litnes  Red down 30  Blue up   60
HSL   Blue up 30
    Erase 100% opacity 40% off of shirt
Tonal map max
    Erase off skin, shirt and and all grass
Unsharp bottom layer (face, skin, shirt)
    Radius 11
    Strength 73
    Clipping 43
    Uncheck Luminance

Flatten and done.

I have two edits here:
Edit #1- I used the Cherry Cream and Velvet Cream action, burning & dodging, and levels.
Edit #2- I used the same as above plus the Baby Max B&W action

  This first one I used some actions from Pure Photoshop Actions. 
I used Pure Pop twice and then budding tree.
With this second image again using actions from Pure Photoshop Actions 
I first used summer color then warm and soft light baby 
The third using actions from Pure Photoshop Actions...I used Get your tan on, 
Lavendar Fields, Warm Lavendar and Lookin Sharp Baby x3 
as well as a crop for this one
From Sunflower Photography 
First up I ran Paint the Moon's Bliss action. I 
then layered on Jessica Drossin's 'Marked" 
texture on overlay and brushed off some of the texture around his face. Then I 
added Jessica Drossin's 'Star Spangled' texture on soft light at 40% and also 
removed a tiny bit on his face :)
  This time I ran the Summer Haze action from Pure Photoshop Actions and then added Marked again, this time on screen at 35%, 
brushing some parts off. I then added the Creamy Haze overlay from Paint the 
Moon on overlay at 90% and brushed off most of it, just leaving enough to give 
the photo an Autumn effect :)
From Crazy Beautiful Photos 
 Just a real quick edit. I did a little color pop including enhanced 
saturation boost, skin softening, eye pop, added a soft texture, and 
sharpened :)

From Kris McNeil
Cropped, desaturated, feathered fill layer for the vingette, adjusted 
some brightness and contrast, adjusted canvas size for framing and done.
 Worked in PSE9. 
 From Jennifer Lynn
Crop observing the ROT and to bring his face in closer
Adjustment of levels to even out midtones and highlights
Pure Pop
Unsharpen Mask to bring out facial features erasing background
Burn midtones and shadows in background to draw attention to subject

This was a fun one!  Thanks to everyone for contributing!

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