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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yearbook Photo Cards!

I know it's not time for Freebie Friday, but I knew some of you that have kids need these before Friday!

I made these cute cut apart cards for my kids to tape into their friends yearbooks so I thought I'd share!  These are 4"x6" and I'm just planning on getting them printed at Costco in an hour!  Then I just let my kids pick stickers from Target's $1 section and then the kids will cut the cards apart, and take them to school on year book signing day and use the stickers to tape them into their friends yearbooks.  (longest sentence ever!!)  This way their friends will have our phone number if they want to get together during the summer to play.  My kids go to a Charter school so they do not live close to many of their friends. I thought this would help them keep in touch.

**Add your watermark or website to the bottom, and there you go, free advertising for your photography business!

The download is in PDS format so you can customize them!  Enjoy!

** These templates are made for Photoshop, if you would like to learn how to use clipping masks to insert the images into the image windows, please go watch this you tube video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7m8NG4YZao&feature=related

The paper for the girls template was made using Sassy Designs digital paper :)

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