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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

YOU make it over...

Thanks to everyone who participated this week with our 
You make it over...

I love seeing what you guys come up with and how creative your edits are :)

Here is the before picture (no edits):

Pretty Cute Huh!?  This is my Nephew and his Fiance out on their Engagement Photo shoot by yours truly (Little Gems Photography).

And here are the edits YOU sent me:
A+ Photography

First I used Goodbye RedFace and Skin Glow to smooth out the skin tones a bit from 
Oh So Posh's, Bohemian Symphony Collection.  Then I enhanced their eyes and color 
with Bright & Shiny Eyes and Diva Green Colored Contacts from Jen's 
Fabulous Stuff's, Wonder Woman V.2 Collection.  Then From Pure Photoshop's Pure 
Action Set 2 I used Boost those Blues and from Set 1 I used It's all about the 
Bling to sharpen it.  Then also from Pure I used Budding Tree from their Spring 
Fever Collection.
Andrea M. Merriman 
I use a program called Photoscape...
My edits are as follows: Deep Bloom, Colorize Brown and Vingette. 

1. Duplicate layer - Unsharp Mask
2. Levels layer at 75% to warm the image
3. Curves layer to warm and darken slightly
4. Selective Color layer to bring out colors on carousel more
5. Selective Color layer to smooth and soften faces
6. Curves layer to brighten eyes
7. Channel Mixer layer at 75% to desaturate the image
8. Cropped to eliminate some of the background

1. Sharpened with CoffeeShopBlog 2020 action - opacity 50%
2. Removed Redness in faces with CoffeeShop Redness Relief action
3. Flipped the image
4. Cropped it for the rule of thirds
5. Changed to B&W
6. Brought back a little color.

ex[osure -0.41
recovery 100
brightness -26
contrast -5

exported to Photoshop
screen layer 30%, layer mask on bright areas
brightness/contrast layer 1/6, layer mask on bright areas
soft light layer 10%, layer mask on skin & bright areas
curves layer, layer mask on skin & bright areas
painted sections of shirt & horse to reduce brightness
dodged faces a bit
mcp touch of light to lighten faces a tad more
burned edges a bit
 on the lighter version, took the edited image & ran the M4H Muse Glimmer action on it & tweaked
  b&w version, took the edited image & ran a b&w action called BW Wonderbaby + warming on it & tweaked

Sunflower Photography
For this photo I ran Florabella's Retro Lollipop action. I brushed several of the layers off of the faces and added a slight violet tint! Then to top it off I added a slight caramel tint and brushed it off of everything but the couple's faces to make them pop just a little

 Kristy Unton Photography
I used the Bohemian Collection by Oh So Posh Photography on this pic!
Used Goodbye Red Face @ 30%.  Oh So Boho @ 30%.  Carnival Lights @20%.  
I then used an overlay texture at 15% called Journey 2 I bought from some where but can't remember now!

I thought that bringing back the blown highlights was step one, so here's what I did:
1. Florabella Luxe II - ran Highlight Protection action (love it)
2. Burn tool at 15% midtones on horse and girl's left shoulder
3. Sponge tool at 20% around all colors except for the red sweater for a color pop
4. blemish removal on nose of guy
5. Light airbrush at 12% to smooth skin - guy just around nose and forehead (never touch the stubble!)
6. quick pop of the eyes with the dodge tool

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