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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Makeover Monday on a Wednesday! :)

So, my computer has been running extrememly slow the past few days, and my internet was not all together there Monday and Tuesday, so here we are.  It's Wednesday, and I am finally posting the Make over Monday Submissions from you guys!  Here we go!

This is the SOOC image of my little cutie hangin out with us while we were shooting Back to School pictures this Saturday!
 And here are your edits!

Kristine Freed Photography
custom wb
exposure  -23
recovery  53
contrast  +2

curves- grey point color fix
screen layer  8%
brightness/contrast layer  1/6
soft light layer  35%
curves-  s curve
*all masked off bright areas of skin
burn edges & bg at 24%
sponge tool- saturate desk/wall at 50%
MCP touch of darkness 25% op on brush, 71%
color balance yellow/blue -3, magenta/green -3
 Adjust curves slightly to lighten his face, but used black brush to re-darken background
2)      Increased the vibrance
3)      Warmed the photo up a bit with a warming filter
4)      Used selective color layer to make the blues, reds, etc.. pop more
5)      Brightened the photo up a bit making sure to use the black brush on the areas I did not want it to show up.  

I used all Photographers BLING actions

Siesta Zing (at 67%)
Warm skin tones (at 70%)
Used layering mask to paint on some color
Used the  selective color option to add more depth to the reds and blacks
Also used the blur tool to blur out the background and bring the subject as the main focal point of the photograph 
I took your image and adjusted the Curves, I took out some of the red and added a little blue. I then ran a "Gavin Free-Sage" action and stopped it half way through. I then dodged and burned a few area's and did a 3.7 gaussian blur on the image and brought back the focal points of the image. I than add 10% contrast and again went into curves and added a little more blue. 
Hope you enjoy it!

Dawn's Photography

Processed using photoshop cs5.
-deep forest by Kubota
-doll face by Kubota 50% opac.
-pro retouch eye bump by Totally Rad! 75% opac.
-scratches brush, color black, 22% opac.
1. Unsharp filter
2. Levels layer to brighten the image and balance tones
3. Curves layer to help with overall saturation
4. Selective Color layer to help with skin tones
5. Curves layer with layer mask to help pop the eyes
There you go!  So cute!  Good job you guys.  Decide which one you like the most and go and tell them on their facebook page "Hi, I liked your edit on the school picture from @deal seeking photographers the best!"

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