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Monday, July 11, 2011

Make Over Monday

This week was a fun one! An adorable family photoshoot, the last pic of the session, with not a lot of light! It really needed help!
Here is the SOOC (strait out of camera) version:

Here are my edits:
TRA's Boutwell Magic Glasses at 40%
Blue filter on the sky, building and carousel
Warming Adjustment Layer
MCP's Magic Skin @ about 50%
Texture (Dirty Lovin from TRA)
And here are your edits, I just love to see what you guys do!!  Thanks for Sharing!

Amanda Allton
I used Paint the Moon's Luxe Color Boost and Chamomile Tea along with Oh So Posh's Love Couture.

Crystal Keyes Photography
1. Cropped photo
2. Cloned in trees on left side to hide building
3. Overlaid a cloud texture at 40%
4. Brightened it up a bit
5. Sharpened just their faces a little
6. Ran MY FOUR HENS "dainty color" action at 52% for a vintage feel
7. Added a little "lens flare" from MY FOUR HENS
8. Lightened up a smidgen more and voila!

Dawn Smartnik
Just a couple of adjustments with Brightness and Contrast...:)  Brought in more saturation too! 

Into the Woods Photography
1. Unsharp mask, 2. Adjusted levels, 3. Used Selective Color on entire image, 4. Used another Selective Color on Background, 5. Adjusted Curves for Family, 6. Used the White 4th of July Texture from Kristin Nicole Photography at 35% Soft Light.  First 5 steps are all custom steps that I naturally do on most images.

Jules Photos
I added a sky, because I thought it gave the picture a more dramatic look, I also put a vignette, added some contrast, and changed the saturation/coloring of the photo.

Kreative Kaptures
Cropped the image down and sharpened it. Used my personal warming preset and kicked up the blacks and blues a little. Then I adjusted the lights and highlights. Finally, I put a slight vignette on the edges and called it good.

Life is a Foto
I used Lightroom. I turned the brightness up to +21. I turned the contrast up to +55, I made the clarity +15 and the saturation +29. I like to make my images "pop out," I think it makes them look better. I didn't change the blurry background, because it focuses more on the subjects.

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