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Monday, July 11, 2011

Photo Contest!

I am loving summer this year.  It is usually over 105 degrees here but it has been a very mild summer.  We are having fun watching the thunderstorms roll by, playing at the splash pads, playing with the hose at our house (wish we had a pool) and baking in the kitchen.  Summer is a time where I am not working (because I teach preschool too!) so we enjoy our time together.

I would really like to capture those moments with my camera this year.  SO in the spirit of Summer, I am hosting a "What Summer Means to Me" Photo Contest!  Download the template here and take pictures this week of the things you do alone, with friends, with family, or just images of summer around you (like flowers, landscapes etc.)  The images MUST be taken new this week!  It's a photo challenge, so be creative!

Most Importantly... BE CREATIVE!  I don't just want images of your kids jumping into the pool (although those would be okay) I want you on your stomach on the ground taking a picture of them jumping!  Get at all different angles, think of new and exciting way's to take pictures!  You will be judged on your creativity!

1. drop your favorite images into the collage
2. customize the border color to match your images (the cute little square in the middle is for your logo, I know, I thought of everything, sigh!)
3. send it to me at deals4photographers@hotmail.com

Download the collage here!!

YES, you can rotate the collage if it works better with your images.

DEADLINE is JULY 18th midnight MST and the contest will begin JULY 19th.
There will be 3 winners chosen by most creative from the comment voting.  You can get your friends to vote for you too~!
Prizes will be announced later :)  Once I come up with some cool stuff, but trust me, you will want it!

Here are the instructions for downloading the PSD file:
If you need to know how to add pics to the template in Photoshop, watch this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7m8NG4YZao&feature=related

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